Expertise & cultureInnovation in extreme environments


We have had to invent and develop everything (chambers, diving bells, dynamic-positioning vessels, etc.) and have drawn up reliable dive tables.

Our ability to innovate is based on the research work of the HYPERBARIC EXPERIMENTAL CENTRE. Through its major programs, this centre has hosted world-renowned scientific teams of academic and industrial researchers and engineers.

At the same time, COMEX has developed a unique kind of know-how in the technologies suitable for extreme environments. This mastery now enables us to fulfil every type of request (i.e. submarines, submarine equipment, hyperbaric chambers, special machinery, etc.).

A few examples of major innovations:

1964:  COMEX invents the first hyperbaric chamber

1969:  First industrial dive to 160 meters

1981:  SEABEX, the first modern dynamically positioned vessel for diving.

1985:  SAGA, the world’s largest civilian diver lock-out submersible of 545 tons, with an operating depth of 600 meters, developed in cooperation with IFREMER

1986:  First orbital welding robot

1988:  HYDRA 8: World record for depth in the high seas, to 530 meters

1992:  HYDRA 10: World depth record set at 701 m, in the chambers of the Experimental Centre; still unbroken.

1994:  REMORA first 600 meters submarine with a transparent acrylic sphere.

2000:  Construction of JANUS, a survey ship featuring a concentration of technology

2005:  New-generation dynamic positioning system

2007:  Design of a fully automatic test machine for equipment at 1,000 bars of pressure